Series I


The Watersports Car Series I is a luxury recreational watercraft that looks, feels, and drives like a sports car.

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Weight capacity
1760 lbs
15.25ft length / 6.72ft width
Hull material
1812CC Reverse System
Fuel Type
91 Octane
Large screen with security and drive control
2 seater
1 year on the engine / 3yrs on the body
Other Features
Cup holders, tail lights, headlights, wide angle mirrors, navigation lights, bluetooth stereo system
Custom airbrush design (+$3,200)
Custom exhaust system (+$750)
DS18 Bluetooth sound system (+$1,500)
Custom Watersports Car trailer (+$3,400)
Stereo amplifier (+$750)
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Watersports Luxury with Series I

Unveil the epitome of aquatic luxury with the Watersports Car Series I, a visionary recreational watercraft that seamlessly blends power, elegance, and cutting-edge design. Crafted for the modern mariner, this jet water car introduces a new era of exhilarating waterborne journeys.

Key Features

Unleashing Aquatic Power

At the core of the Watersports Car Series I lies unparalleled power, eagerly awaiting to stir the waters. Each voyage promises an adrenaline-charged performance that resonates with the thrill of the open sea.

Navigate the Waters with Elegance

More than a mode of transportation, the Watersports Car Series I is a statement, a vision of the future. Tailored for supremacy and designed for the discerning mariner, this gem invites you to join a movement that's transforming waterborne journeys into a harmonious blend of power and elegance.

Embark on a Journey with Series I

Every ripple, every wave becomes a testament to unmatched power and elegance when you embark on a journey with the Watersports Car Series I. With Watersports Cars, the vast expanse of the ocean transforms into a realm of endless possibilities.

Experience Model I

Watch the full video to immerse yourself in the Series I experience. The watercraft is equipped with essential features like a kill switch, blower in the engine room, horn, navigation lights, headlights, tail lights, and two gas pedals for acceleration and reverse. The V-shape hull, reminiscent of a jetski, ensures enhanced maneuverability, while interior lighting and an LCD display add a touch of sophistication to the driving experience.

Exclusive Features

Series I boasts a unique feature with its catamaran hull design, a distinctive characteristic it shares with Series B, setting both apart as unparalleled and unmatched in the industry. Embark on a journey where each moment is a harmonious fusion of power and elegance. With financing starting at $599/month, turn the dream of owning this luxurious recreational watercraft into a reality. Place your order now and redefine your aquatic adventures with the Watersports Car Series I.